Radware AppWall Budgetary Pricing for Planning Cost

Radware’s AppWall is available on the Radware OnDemand Switch platforms. Large companies are migrating business-critical functions to web applications in an effort to increase productivity, improve business agility and reduce costs. While the migration to web applications provides economic advantages and enables increased business agility, it also creates new security risks and compliance requirements that need to be addressed. The complexity of attacks and the speed in which new mitigation tools and techniques are being bypassed require a more robust and comprehensive solution that provides faster protection and reduced maintenance costs.

Radware AppWall

By targeting the application layer, attackers exhaust server and application resources using stealth attack techniques that go undetected by traditional security tools. It is no longer just about http floods and downtime. Advanced methods and the use of multiple vectors during attacks present new challenges in securing an organization.

Radware AppWall Prevented Threats

Full coverage of OWASP top 10 web application security risks:

A2-Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
A3-Broken Authentication and Session Management
A4-Insecure Direct Object References
A5-Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
A6-Security Misconfiguration
A7-Insecure Cryptographic Storage
A8-Failure to Restrict URL Access
A9-Insufficient Transport Layer Protection
A10-Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards

What Does AppWall Do?

AppWall is a Web application firewall solution that ensures fast, reliable and secure delivery of mission-critical Web applications. It enables PCI compliance through mitigation of Web application security threats and vulnerabilities, preventing data theft and manipulation of sensitive corporate data, and protecting customer information. Additionally, it reduces the increasing risk of your enterprise’s infrastructure being used to attack others. AppWall is a core part of Radware’s next-generation Attack Mitigation System (AMS).

AppWall is also available as the industry’s first hybrid-based cloud WAF service.

What Makes AppWall a Better Web Application Firewall Solution?

AppWall offers patent-protected technology to create and maintain enterprise network security policies for widest security coverage with the lowest false positives and minimal operational effort.

Once enabled, the auto policy generation module within AppWall analyzes the security related attributes of the protected Web application and derives the potential threats in the application. The Web application is then mapped into application zones, each with its own common potential threats. Finally it generates individual, granular protection rules for each zone and sets a policy in blocking mode. Once it has completed the optimization process, false-positives are minimized and maintain best enterprise network security coverage.

Radware’s Web Application Firewall solution offers comprehensive web applications security, addressing web application security vulnerabilities.

Radware AppWall Market Price for Budgetary Cost

Radware Item DescriptionPrice
Radware AppWall 1008 - Dual Power Supply Pricing$25,083
Radware AppWall 1008 Pricing$21,812
Radware AppWall 2008 - Dual Power Supply Pricing$38,716
Radware AppWall 2008 Pricing$35,444
Radware AppWall 208 - Dual Power Supply Pricing$17,358
Radware AppWall 208 Pricing$14,087
Radware AppWall 508 - Dual Power Supply Pricing$20,085
Radware AppWall 508 Pricing$16,813